torsdag 16. juli 2015

Latest project - Growing my hair out.

I've had short hair for the past 7 years. I've tried to grow it past the "really awkward point" several times, and failed. Then I saw Eurovision and the oh so sweet Russian singer Polina Gagarina with her glamorous 50's bob, and decided that enough was enough - this time I'm going to endure the painstaking saving process. End result should be very curly aswell, since I have lot's of curls which have been bleached for so many years they seem to spend some time finding back to their original selves. Also, my carrot is that I'll dye it coral-pink when I get there, and then I can resume my usual hair-color-changing nature.

Tips for concealing that your growing your hair out:During the last few months I've learned a thing or two about how ugly your hair can get when growing it out! A few tips I've assembled:

1. Dye back to original color

Looks way more natural and not so tough to keep. I dyed mine back to brunette.

2. Braid, braid, braid!
If you use hair clips and braid everything you can get a hold of no one can see your out of proportion hairdo.

3. Scarves and big headpieces
Clever way to divert attention - no one will pay attention to your hair.

Anyone saving for long hair out there? Feel free to share your tips!

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  1. Your tips are very helpful to anyone who’d want to grow their hair out. It’s important to know how to maintain your hair, especially if you want to try new things. Yeah, it pays to be aware of that sort of quirk in the process.

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshalls Folsom


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