lørdag 6. juni 2015

70's vintage jumpsuit

70's vintage jumpsuit from Etsy// Secondlove vintage angora sweater// Cavalli e nastri hat

For once I've actually managed to have my summer wardrobe ready for summer. Usually (since I'm a winter style layer person) I wait until the last moment, and then I dig out some old pieces from the closet. It doesn't feel quite right though, because it's tricky to mantain ones style identity with random tops and shorts - I prefer dresses and jumpsuit with something extra. It can't just be plain. Then I feel like I'm not quite me. How is your summer wardrobe coming along?

Pics Martin Tuft Torvund

2 kommentarer:

  1. Your jumpsuit is divine but I can't help loving your headwear and that cute coloured fuzzy cardigan equally as much <3

    I'm really bad at dressing up for a certain season. I just freeze when it's winter and try to leave out layers when it's summer :'D

    1. Hi you, thanks so much! The cardigan is so warm, and I can't help carrying it with me even at summer - it's perfect for cold nights! Haha, I know the feeling, pantyhoses all year round on my end isn't particularly warm in the winter.


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