onsdag 8. april 2015

Style inspiration: UK blogger Helena from Bellsfashion

Unfortunately it's not very often you stumble across something truly unique in the blogosphere. Many bloggers tend to look a like, and often new bloggers copy established bloggers to get followers. People tend to follow what they know, and it can be tricky to get outside ones comfort zone - both as a blogger and a reader. 

I like to think of blogs the way they were originally intended to be; an objective - a non influenced diary or creative outlet. That's the feeling I got when I stumbled across Helena's blog - a fresh breath of uniqueness. 

Have a look at her amazing outfits at http://bellsfashion.blogspot.be/  

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  1. this is SO lovely, thank you so much! It means the world <3 xx

    1. You're welcome, so nice to meet you! Rock on!


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