tirsdag 18. mars 2014

New in: Vintage cape

My 86 year old neighbor stopped me the other day, and asked me to come by and pay her a visit. She told me she had something she couldn't wear anymore, but she thought this item would be a perfect fit for me. So there I was, in her beautiful apartment, and she pulled this royal wool cape out of her closet. It has a matching shawl, which I also have on on the picture.

Expanding ones wardrobe with pieces other people give you because they think you would look good in it is my favorite way of getting new clothing. This cape has been sewn by a tailor in Bergen probably in the 80's, and it's one of it. No wonder I lay awake at night panicking being afraid that the house might burn down and all my treasured clothing with it. Speaking of which, my new (old) clothes was also the only thing I could think of when my flight had a severe case of turbulence back from the United States, I was afraid of losing them. Silly now isn't it.

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  1. breathtaking piece! i'm sure it's as beautiful inside as outside. x


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