lørdag 30. november 2013

Self sewn skirt

Vintage hat/ Secondlove jacket/ Thrifted blouse/ Self-made skirt

SORRY! I've been away for far to long. I hope you'll understand, the winter moodyness accompanied by lots of work and poor light has kept me from posting new outfits. The other day I actually wore black I was so sad. 

Anyway, I've made another skirt. This one is quite special, it's made after a pattern I bought on Etsy, which originates from 60's Vogue. The fabric is from Liberty, and I'm in love with it. I can easily say that I've been hooked on making stuff lately, spending my weekends bent over the sewing machine. It's such a pleasure to craft something yourself, and then wear it. I'm planning on making my own designs in a while, so stay tuned.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Så flink du er! Kjempefint mønster og flott snitt. Håper humøret kommer seg nå når det nærmer seg jul :).

  2. aaw, takk Julie:) Gleder meg til å se dere i julen, så humøret stiger allerede!



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