søndag 10. november 2013

In East London

 Sunday reads: Acne Paper/ IT by Alexa Chung and Airline

Having a lovely sunday in East-London. First I went to the Columbia Road flower market, which was amazing. I treated myself with a crumble pie after seeing the mouth-watering selection at Lily Vanilli, then I had a lovely lunch at whilst looking at all the cool people on Broadway street before I checked out the market there as well. I really enjoy the east part of London. A lot of literature came home with me aswell, so I'm just going to pop out for dinner with a friend, and then get back to it. I'm in London for work, so I'll have to see how many outfit posts I can convince my boss to take. 

Either way, we are opening the Kaibosh pop-up shop at Boxpark tomorrow, I've added the invite below. Come get yourself some nice eyewear, both sun and prescription. See you there chap!

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  1. Hi lady! Nice to see you in London, I can see you're enjoying it ;-) Where are you working (it's fine if you don't feel like sharing this information)? I am based in North London and wonder if maybe you're somewhere around. Kisses xx

  2. Hi there Ania! It's so good to be here, so much to eat and do! I'm working from Boxpark in Shoreditch this week, and I'm doing a pop-up shop with our brand Kaibosh, which is a new norwegian eyewear brand. We do both sunglasses and prescription eyewear, it would be great to see you in the east;)

    Also, we're having a party thursday 14th of november from 6-9 pm, it's going to be so much fun!

    1. It feels fabulous for sure, to get to London for a while doing a fashion job! I have just visited the website and need to admit that the glasses are really cool. In general, I really love the Scandinavian design. You people rock ;-)

    2. Looking forward to seeing you:D

  3. you can check Kaibosh out at http://www.kaibosh.com


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