søndag 6. oktober 2013

Space age

Vintage suit from Kostym/ Hat: HM/ Shoes: Minimarket by Secondlove/ Stockings: HM

I love hats, simply because they have the power to change an entire look. Especially this find from HM, which made my 60's look complete. I'm having a serious crush on old Courregès creations, so this sunday I'm going to spend the whole day getting inspired by looks from the 60's. It's truly interesting that an old fashion house like Courregès has started their resurrection not having a show, but a little presentation during fashion week, a humble, laid-back approach to the hamster wheel that fashion truly is these days. I find that they could not have chose a better time to get back in the game, it's all tilting towards color, retro cuts and cheerful 60's silhouettes. 

Whilst speaking of the hamster wheel, I read a very interesting article by fashion journalist Ida Eritsland in the norwegian magazine D2 yesterday. She states that fashion has becomed it's own worst enemy by turning the clock too fast. How could they keep up with the speed when designers have started selling AW14 pieces directly out of their showroom? It's so true that selling directly is a good approach, forgetful fashion minds will see the AW as outdated by the time we actually get to it. Is seasons actually an obstacle in it's form? Is the fast-moving, ever changing consumer landscape five steps ahead? And whilst more collections like Capsule, Pre and Resort are being created to fill the gaps, one could say that it's of no use; buyers won't be able to stock it until next season. In many ways the true and original function of fashion week; to cater the buyers has gotten lost in the cirkus of celebrities, bloggers, streetstyle photographers and other show contestants. From the fair beginning of streetstyle, picking out a selected few individuals, to a fairytale world of outfit-planning and construction of a new reality the true function has in many ways gone missing. When buyers have to elbow their way through the same cirkus to get their job done, one could ask if the whole thing has gone to far. 

Anyway, just random thoughts on a sunday. You might ask what my conclusion on the matter is, but I can't seem to find myself siding with either party. I find that the diversity of fashion is fun, and I enjoy all of the amazing outfits people wear to and around the shows. It's also amazing that the table is turned; the consumer is now the dictator, not the fashion houses. Fashion is more accessible and diverse than it's ever been.

So, what do you think?   

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  1. I read the same article. Super interesting indeed. Great approach in ur post. BTW: lovely outfit as usual.

  2. I love you style!!!mega colours!!! love, love, love!!! I invite you to my blog http://pantherstyle.blogspot.com/ :):*


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