mandag 2. september 2013

The wool beret

Beret: Beyond Retro/ Blouse: vintage/ Skirt: DVF/ Bag: DKNY

It's amazing what a headpiece can do to up a look. I'll be nice and warm this autumn in my new (old) beret. Also I got this gorgeous vintage blouse from my friend Nina during our trade night last weekend. I love to trade clothes, those pieces that are old rags to you can be gold to someone else.

xxx Iben 

5 kommentarer:

  1. YES! Would love this look with heels, too, but obviously not in the rain ;) I love your blog because you are the only blogger I can think of that truly embraces color.

  2. And yes, I would like to wear heels, but in Bergen (where I live) it rains like 250 days a year. Too bad for a fashionista:(


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