tirsdag 24. september 2013

Dark blonde

I went to Raah frisør to get my hair done by Mailen last week, and I was truly pleased with the result. It's a darker blonde color with a bit more life, when my hair is all blonde it has a tendency to look a bit dead, and I don't like that. It's fun to experiment with different shades of color, like the grey and warmer highlights Mailen made. And since I find it super difficult to have a different hairstyle, color is my way to change it up a bit.

I've reflected on how important having a good haircut is to us, when the hairdo is not in order, nothing else is. I can wear the most beautiful clothes I have, and still not feel 100%. The other day I thought of how it was like when I had to shave of all my hair back in 2010, and I couldn't really understand how little I cared about not having hair back then. It was actually quite a horrendous experience. But I guess all things have a meaning, if I wasn't forced to shave it all off, I don't think I would ever had the hairstyle I have now.

Anyway, it's proven to be impossible to grow my hair out without looking like a dork. So I won't do that.

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