mandag 15. april 2013

How to find your personal style

So, today I'm going to change things up a bit. I've been thinking about writing a longer piece for a while now, exploring personal style and how to develop it. First of all, clothes are the most storytelling piece of you, and different clothing make up different codes. I don't believe in the code system. Why should I be forced to wear a suit for work, or (god forbid) have to wear black most of my day when I can wear what I would like to wear. Same goes for some of you, why should your friends dictate what you wear, or your family for that matter? You know what you like, and feel comfortable in, some just need time to develop their own sense of it.

1. Start exploring
Would you love to change things up a bit? Do you feel boring? Is your closet demoralizing?
Start slow, read some fashion blogs. When you've read them, check out their daily reads. Check the comments and see who writes exciting things. This is a standard and boring answer on how to get inspired, but it helps! And please, don't just read boring blogs about blonde girls and their tight six-pack tummies. Go to Jak&Jil, Backyard Bill, Gary Pepper Girl, Macademian Girl, Alice Point, get different impulses rather then peeking on the girl next door.

2. Learn that fashion is in the sky
My friend Lisa lives by Coco Chanels quote: Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. It's so true, and inspiration could come from a glimpse of colored socks, the way a man wears his hat or how a womans makeup compliments her outfit. Be open, and learn to appreciate the effort people put into combining clothes in a cool way.

3. Stop giving a F**K
To do your own thing, you have got to accept that people will always stare. Sometimes they do it because they are curious, and sometimes they do it because they don't understand. Either way, don't bother to get irritated.

4. Don't get a hang up on a couple of stores or brands
Explore! Go to the flea market, dare to check out stores you've never been to, and browse some vintage. They might be lined with treasures.

5. Shop alone
Your friends won't help you, it's the other way around. Listen to your inner voice and your gut. Are you utterly in love with the piece you are holding in your hands? Then buy it!

6. I love it, but I could never wear it.
That is so wrong, you can wear it because you love it! Swallow the fear this instant and carry that shopping bag home.

7. Your style does not need consistency, don't put it in a box.
Grunge-punk, avant gardian or preppy? Never mind, just do your own thing! The coolest looks are usually made up by combining different styles.

8. Don't get to comfortable
Endure a tight skirt or high-heeled shoes, and look amazing while doing it. What you wear behind closed doors is a different story.

9. Invest in quality items, things might change.
Shoes, bags, gloves and coats can last a lifetime, and they will stay by your side through all of your personal style transformations. So, don't go digging in the salesbin at H&M to score your next fake leather bag.

10. Don't let your boyfriend tell you what to wear
This is so important I can't stress this enough, don't let anybody change you. Dress for yourself, style is identity and the only one who can change it is YOU, not your BFF or your hubby.

11. Dress for your size
We are all different, and require different clothes. I've got a thin waist, and often choose to wear high waist skirts and trousers. Others might want to hide an apple shape stomach, or wear three-quarter sleeve peplums to emphasize your waist, and not your arms.

I hope this helps you to develop your style further. It's challenging to dress different in the beginning, but then you will realize that your clothes are you, and people just have to deal with it.

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  1. Svar
    1. Takk Tjølz, kjekt at du tar deg tid:)

  2. I definitely agree with 5, 8 and 11! Friends only get in the way just when you're about to buy those sequins wedged sneakers (hahaha) but if you love them, then you should totally ignore your friends! And yes, do not mind sizes nowadays, cause they're only meant to make us feel bigger. Like, ever tried a Zara's XL? Come on! So don't mind sizes and so on, just try things on and look at what you see in the mirror, not at the trendy foolish idea of yourself!
    Thank you for this post, it made me think about some issues again! :)


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