torsdag 24. januar 2013

My favourite makeup and skincare products

First, I've got to enlighten you on the Alpha-H Liquid gold, unless you've already tried it. It's a serum you aply every other night, no moisturizer required. It makes the skin more radiant, and heals acne scars and acne. The white jar contains raw coconut creme, which I use to remove my makeup. It contains no chemicals, and smells delicious. I can't live without my translucent loose powder from Chanel, to make my skin matte after I apply foundation.

I've used Chanel Mademoiselle since I was 14, and it's still the best perfume ever.

When it comes to makeup, MAC's studio sculpt foundation makes my skin soft, and even. The Lancôme concealer I've used since I was about 15, and it's still my favourite. The brow trio from Makeup store fills out my brows, and I literally can't live the house without it.

Which products are your favourite ones?

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  1. your style is gorgeous!! I wish I had your wardrobe!!

  2. You’re using a real coconut crème for removing your makeup? That’s pretty cool! I haven’t tried this yet. I just use wipes or a cleanser to remove my makeup. It must be one of the secrets why your skin is glowing and healthy. -Terry Bayer


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