fredag 5. oktober 2012

Vintage store guide Aarhus

I made this little vintage store guide to Aarhus, so you can enjoy all the beautiful vintage I found as well. So ein Ding is a beautiful vintage store in Århus, Denmark. I felt like I was in paradise while flipping through cute shift dresses from the 60's and glamourous party dresses from the 50's. This is a genuine gem of a store, and you can spend hours here. I'm actually going to suggest that you travel to Århus only to shop at this store. I got some treasures here, I'm going to show you later.

Old News is also situated in Århus. It lies in the adorable Latin Quarter. They offer reworked vintage or 3rd hand, tailored for the modern fashionista. The price range is a bit higher than So Ein Ding, because the items are reworked.

Time's up lies in Copenhagen's Krystalgade. It's been blogged about a lot from the Anywho girls, and I see why. They offer high end vintage from Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and Chanel. They also have less pricy stuff which is equally gorgeous. After drooling over a pale blue Versus two piece, I moved on to a beautiful japanese jacket, and it got to join me home. Pictures will come soon. Times up also have a good men's section, which my beloved loved.

Actually I was quite dissapointed in most of the vintage stores in Copenhagen. Wasteland and København K were drained of cool items, only eclectic secondhand pieces from the 80's remained. Though I have to admit that Wasteland had a really nice selection of all-sequin sweaters and tops.

xxx Iben

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