søndag 7. oktober 2012

Biker chic

Jacket, Skirt, Shoes: COS

Finally my bicycle is finished! I found it in my mother's basement, all dirty and rusty. It's from the 50's, and quite heavy. The frame is a lot heavier than modern bicycles, and it's also of much better quality. Of course I could have just bought a new bike, but there is something about the story and the quality. My mom used to ride it around Oslo when she was young.

xxx Iben

3 kommentarer:

  1. <3 på både antrekket og sykkelen!

  2. Elsker bildene (spesielt den første!), antrekket, fargene og sykkelen :)!

  3. Så kul du er på håret nå! Elsker fargen:)


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