tirsdag 8. mai 2012

My favourite hair products

I ran out of every kind of hairproduct I own the other day, so I had see my friends at Ramm and restock. I'm posting this guide simply because I've struggled for so many years to find the perfect styling products, and I want to share some really good ones with you guys. A couple of years ago I found Kevin Murphy's range of hair products, and I've stayed trouthful since then. 

Let's do an everyday example of my hairstyling routine:
I apply the Body Builder mousse to wet hair. I let it dry for a bit, and then I have two more options. If I use the Anti Gravity spray (to the left) my hair gets lots of volume. If I use the Hair Resort spray, I get a lot of texture. Then I blow dry my hair with a diffuser, and add some Young Again serum (not pictured). Finally I use Session Spray to keep my hairstyle lookin fab. Either from a distance to retain some movement in the hair, or from up close to freeze time! 

I've tried out a new product aswell, the Night Rider Wax. It's awesome for making hairstyles where I stroke my hair back. It gives your hair amazing hold for hours and hours, and keeps the hair moisturized. A winner for your boyfriend aswell!

What kind of hair products do you use? Are you satisfied with them? I would love to hear your reviews!

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4 kommentarer:

  1. never heard of but wanna try it!

    Heartbeats from Vienna Wedekind

    1. You should definitly try them, the are so organic that you can use the conditioner as a hand cream!

  2. Elsker Kevin Murphy! Har session spray og den holder jo som lim. Må prøve ut de andre produktene og, du er jo alltid så fin på håret:-)

    1. Tusen takk<3 Ja livet er ikke bra uten session spray! Ihvertfall ikke i Bergen med syk luftfuktighet!


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