lørdag 21. april 2012

New in: Polkadot Bikini from Monki

I love my new polkadot bikini from Monki! I've been trying to find high-waist bikini trousers for quite a while now. It's one thing I've learned about bikini buying; Don't buy too late! Last year I had to pick something barely usable from the sales rack. Anywho, I'm going to combine the vintage looking bikini with the red suncap, it's so cool!
xxx Iben

5 kommentarer:

  1. So beautiful !!! LOVE IT !!


    xoxo from Japan

  2. you are right. i already have one too. if only the sun would shine!

  3. wow, the red visor is so cool. I have one in white, but mine is not clear. this is going to be so awesome for the summer!


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