søndag 11. mars 2012

Creating makeup-looks this weekend

I've been to Make Up Store to see my friend Martin Gustavsen who has created a couple of makeup looks for me. Unfortunately our movie-making failed, and all we've got is a description of how to put on your makeup-base which I will edit and publish soon. 

I feel like makeup is sort of a forgotten part in my look, I've never cared too much about it. That's why it's really nice to have someone show you just what your face needs! Sure it's a bit much on the first look, but we did it for fun! The second look is a party-version of my normal look.. The #First Kiss lipstick is a favourite already, as are the eyeshadows #Varitè, Vanilla and Nightfall. Do you guys like makeup? Should I continue to pull together looks and show you how to make them?

xxx Iben

5 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg likte veldig godt den første, superfin!:)

  2. Ja til mange flere sånne :D

  3. Nydelig! Likte veldig godt den første, jeg er en skikkelig sucker for heavy mørk sminke på øynene. Mer, mer!

  4. Lovely lovely blog. I am seriously head over heels over all the photos!!



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