tirsdag 6. mars 2012

Kevin Murphy color bug

Sweater: Match/ Skirt: Secondlove/ Scarf: Primark/ Jacket: Vintage/ Earrings: Vintage Chanel

I really like this styling made by Alexander at RAMM av Ramsvik. Love the rockabilly twist to bits. He added some Color Bug from Kevin Murphy in pink and purple as well. Is this hair styling something I should do a "How-to" post on? Oooh, I've got a new skirt too, it's from secondlove and I love the 50's waist..

Pics by Therese Skarlo

4 kommentarer:

  1. Utrolig stilig! Likte det virkelig!

    Chaneldobbene er også herlige.

  2. I would LOOOVE a how-to post for that hair style, since my hair is sort of half of what yours is, haha.

  3. Oh my gosh! Those colours! Your hair! What an awesome contrast to the background!


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