søndag 5. februar 2012

Dreaming of sandy beaches

Jacket: Vintage// Hat: Retro// Skirt: Alexander Wang// Boots: Vagabond

I never thought winter would actually come to Bergen. Apparently I was wrong, since it's been like Siberia for the past few days. It's constantly windy and ice cold. Impossible to be a fashionista!

xxx Iben

3 kommentarer:

  1. It has even been snowing in London. Freezing!

  2. Jaa..helt forferdelig vær her nå. Jeg trodde seriøst at vi skulle slippe snøen, men neida. Men du ser jo meget fresh ut alikavel da. Tror jeg må kjøre noen farger i morgen jeg også. Været kan jo ikke knekke oss :)

  3. ooooh Siberian winter arrived in Milan too...so cold right now! Let's just hope spring comes soon :)
    I am loving this pic, btw, there's a perfect contrast between you, so stylish, and the graffiti wall!


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