søndag 15. januar 2012

Interview with the girls behind Ingri:Dahl

The twin sisters behind Ingri:Dahl make awesome 3D glasses which you can wear again and again, at the movies or for your 3D tv. I came across their products via Twitter, and I just had to interview them to show you guys what they're about!

Who are you?
We are Kine and Einy, the twins behing Ingri:Dahl. We are both born and raised in Stavanger, Norway. Then we moved to LA to attend the Univeristy of Southern California. Last spring Kine finished a bachelor in finance, while Einy completed a masters degree in accounting. We love living in sunny California, and we are having a great time here.

When and where did you decide to make 3D glasses?
We always wanted to start something on our own, but we didn't know exactly what. Then, a couple of years ago we saw a 3D movie, and decided that we should commit to make 3D designer glasses.

Tell us a littlebit about your newest collection
Our collection is inspired by classic hollywood, but it's important for us to draw lines between this and norwegian traditions aswell. Our vision is to bring the elegant and glamorous feeling from the classic hollywood to today's hollywood.

We have been lucky and gained support from both international and norwegian press. Our glasses have been worn by SpyKids star Alexa Vega at a Hollywood Reporter segment during ComiCon, and Hung actor Thomas Jane on KTLA Morning News. Otherwise we have been featured in Henne, Linda Genlux, Release and tv2.no, and many more. Being selected as an official Fashion's night out dealer last september and when Larry King and his wife showed up at our event was one of our greatest highlights.

Where can we buy these beauties?
Our glasses are primary sold from our online shop, ingridahl.com. But we also distribute them to four shops; Spectacle centre in Stavanger, Norway, Society of Spectacle in LA, Visionary Inc in Allen Park-US and Eyedeal Eyecare in Winnipeg, Canada.

Kine and Einy are doing a fundraiser at the moment, where you can contribute to the making of their spring collection. Support norwegian design and new thinking here:

                         Visit their online shop here:

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  1. loving the style in those pictures, unfortunately I do not speak the scandinavian language that this blog is in!

  2. Unfortunately I don't understand a word but I'm in love with the sunnies!!

    1. It's in english now darlings<3


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