fredag 18. november 2011

Staying in

It was freezing cold outside yesterday, so I pulled my fur hat out of the drawer. I think it works as a hat inside aswell. Having a beginning love affair with purple socks and stockings too. More to come!

PS: I'm sorry for the poor image quality! My Olympus Pen is quite noisy at high ISO values:( And it gets dark at like 4PM now, so sometimes I can't get home before it's dark. Bear with me!

Love Iben

wearing: Pants, blazer and sweater: HM/ Hat: Amber/ Shoes: Minelli/ socks: MTWTFSS

5 kommentarer:

  1. Those shoes are so adorable! ♥ It's getting dark early here, too...not until about 5pm, but that'll change in about a month. It'll be dark by 4 then. D: I am not looking forward to it!

  2. Awesome outfit! Love the camel coat!

  3. Kuleste dama i by'n

    Digger, digger skoene!!! :D


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