onsdag 9. november 2011

The perfect autumn coat

I borrowed this beautiful yellow coat for the redesign show. And ofcourse I totally fell in love with it. It's something special about this kind of yellow. I bought it at vintage store Klesskapet in Bergen, it's never been worn! 

I find it funny that my style has changed a bit lately. I've been buying a lot of vintage, and watching a lot of Pan Am! A correlation indeed.

Did you find the perfect coat for autumn/winter yet?

Love Iben

Wearing: Coat: Klesskapet/ Sweater and bag: vintage/ Skirt: HM/  Scarf: Borrowed/ Hat: Weekday

9 kommentarer:

  1. adore your outfit and wow!!! your hair is simply amazing!!!!
    looking great

  2. Som sydd for deg! Du ser fabolous ut!

  3. That coat looks awesome on you!!

  4. gorgeous tote! definitely a nice way to brighten up the weather

  5. I have a crush on those shoes!
    great style :)


  6. we like your outfit and the coat is very attractive.

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