torsdag 17. november 2011

New in: Knuckle duster clutch

Did you spend the day refreshing HM's homepage trying to grab some Versace treasures? I sure did! And now I'm terribly excited! I looked at the stuff I ordered in the shop later, and I'm not too satisfied with the color vibrance on the skirt..The clutch I bought at Gina Tricot yesterday, I've been looking for one with a knuckle duster lock for aaages! So glad I finally found it.

Til alle mine flotte norske lesere!
Denne måneden har jeg vært så heldig å få være med i Mag's bloggdagbok, løp og kjøp hvis du er interessert i å vite litt mer om meg og stilen min.

This month I've got a feature going in a norwegian magazine called Mag.

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4 kommentarer:

  1. Congratz!!!Du fortjener det!Elsekr clutchen din BTW!

  2. congrats dear!

    u look cool as always!

    thanx for ur interest!yeah the things are not good here..

    but we can do nothin...but be positive and smile!:)

    sweet dreams!

  3. So amazing!! I'm really happy for you! And that clutch is great too! Exactly like Alexander McQueens one!
    xoxo, Kaari


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