søndag 2. oktober 2011

My beloved turns 22!

My beloved boyfriend and best friend turns 22 today! I've already made him a true cowboy breakfast, and later we are of to dinner with the family.

Have a nice sunday!

xoxo Despite Color

5 kommentarer:

  1. happy bday to him:)

    <3 rouli

  2. Oh yes, happy birthday to hiiim! :)

    I can see you, my beauty, in his sunglasses, can't I? :>

  3. Happy Bday to your B-Friend! :)


  4. Haha, thanks for asking, and - what a coincidence - my weekend wasn't good at all. I had my birthday party so I worked hard to prepare everything and I was tired as a result. And guess what happened? I fell asleep after some drinks. And it was about 1:00, so I wasted a lot of time. I was pissed nobody woke me up! Worst party EVER!

    And what about you? :)


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