mandag 3. oktober 2011

Material Monday: Wants from Numerò magazine

I fell in love with the Balenciaga jacket the moment I saw it. It's probably wildly expensive! But the texture, the shinyness, the shape, the rubber looking braids... *I WANT IT SO BAD*

Also the other look from Alexander McQueen is amazing, I think I posted that harness before, but you just got to see it again, is so perfect...Gotta go visit some gothic stores soon!

xoxo Despite Color

source: Numerò magazine

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  1. say you are a sucker for the kitchy dreamy stuff but I can spot an harness here... :) no need to say that I LOVE it!
    have a great week ahead darling! xxx

  2. Hahhaa, busted! I'm a sucker for those AM harnesses, they are soo fierce! But what is your verdict on the balenciaga jacket? You love it or nuut?


  3. now that I pay attention to it yessss I like it! actually it is pretty amazing!! definitely I love they shyness and rubber feel but...I think I just got too excited to see you posting an harness and the Balenciaga jacket just faded in the background :)

  4. cool choices

    love both things:)

    abbey is magic:)

  5. I am slowly falling in love with your blog! I love it all! Want to follow each other?


  6. I'm really interested what are you going to show us being inspired by Balenciaga and A. McQueen :>



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