søndag 23. oktober 2011


Yesterday I cleaned my entire super messy attic, where I put all the winter clothes up at summetime and vice versa. It's great to have forgotten about all the clothes I have! I found a lot of stuff, and it nearly felt like I suddently got an entire winter wardrobe just like that. 

Here I'm just testing out a littlebit of an androgynous look, bought the hat a couple of days ago at weekday. Remember the "Kalott" post I did some time ago? All of you guys thought I should get one! Well here it is!

Have a glorious sunday lovely readers!

Love Iben

wearing: Vintage: Coat, sweater/ Dress: Mango/ Hat: Weekday/ Shoes: Minelli/ Bow-tie: Boyfriends

6 kommentarer:

  1. it´s so cool. Come to see mine.


  2. thats good

    i did similar stuff today too

    and felt the same way!

    kiss dear

  3. This coat looks great on you and is perfect for colder weather. Its color is vibrant and attractive. We love it!

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  4. Youuurrr haiiiirrrrrr!! It's beauuuutiful.

  5. looks great! you have such a unique style!

    XO Sahra


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