fredag 28. oktober 2011

Business Iben

Find Willy!

Rohit Bhargava 

As you all know, I'm also incredibIy interested in marketing.

I want to dedicate this post to creative director Arnt Eriksen, who kindly invited me to attend the RE:THINK Oslo conference a while ago.

The conference was about social media, and how one can use social media better for commercial purposes. There were four speakers, Jacob Morgan (The art of building online relations), Rohit Bhargava (7 rules for surviving the credibility crisis), Arnt Eriksen (The brand YOU economy) and Tara Hunt (The Whuffie factor). They all had such interesting and different perspectives on how to make it in the social media sphere. 

I met so many interesting people! I returned to Bergen bursting with new ways of thinking and lot's of ideas! For those who did not go: Buy a ticket next year!

Love Iben

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