mandag 19. september 2011

Un-Material Monday

For the first time, I actually don't want anything this monday!

I got such gorgeous things in Paris, so I'm all satisfied at the moment! So instead, I'm going to show you my best buy from Paris, the long awaited duck boots! I was on Tommy Hilfigers waitinglist last year, but I didn't get a pair! I've been looking and looking, and there, suddently I saw these at a shoe store called Minelli near Gallery Lafayette.

Instant love.

Stay tuned, I have something exciting coming up in October! And ofcourse I have to show you the other things I got from Paris.

Have a nice monday!

xoxo Despite Color

9 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, amazing shoes!!

  2. ahahahahah so you know about the plural and the politeness ! oh my, how long did you stay in Santorini and you learnt all these things? :O I am amazed, really\\\

    but most of all, OH MY GOD THESE BOOTS :O

  3. Oh wow, they're fabulous


  4. lovely! im doing well, getting prepared to make the swtich from ebay to etsy for TFV! so we'll basically become international ;) how are you??!!

  5. so good to feel satisfied for once uh? :)
    loving these babes and cannot wait to see the other stuff from Paris!!
    have a fab week ahead hun!

  6. Ligner på Jeffrey Campbell, Bellevue.

    Har dem selv :)

  7. Hei Anonym! Så flotte de var! Og ja de ligner veldig! Har du blogg selv?


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