søndag 18. september 2011


Out shopping on Champs Èlysèes! Unfortunately I carried so much every day, and we had such a tight schedule, so I couldn't take that many outfit pics..

wearing: Dress: Gestüz/ Jacket: H&M/ Pantyhose: HM

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  1. basically, your OUTFIT. and your hair - its the first time I visit your blog so allow me to wonder a bit

  2. ohoh. jeg liker kjolen og den jakken satt som et skudd til. akkurat passe. akkurat passe.

  3. and I just saw the posts about Santorini! So you visited Greece huh? Did you have fun??? :D -the photos are great by the way :) aaand it's Geia sou! because you are talking to one person, geia SAS is for more :)
    but the fact that you knew how to write that in greeklish is by itself pretty amazing

  4. amazing dress and jacket!!! awesome cut!

  5. What a gorgeous combination! Love the dress!


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