onsdag 28. september 2011


I tried out nail wraps for the first time the other day. it was suprisingly easy; stick it on, blow on it for a while with a hairdryer, wrap the edge around and then file it downwards until the leftover foil is ripped of. Clearly I'm having a thing with snakeprint this autumn, haha!

I also thought I should show you the color I love the most, OPI "Look Marvelous". And marvelous it is for sure.

Now it's time to snuggle up in the sofa, drink some Ladureè tea and watch the amazing documentary I got from Silje for my birthday. I can't wait to dive into Karl Lagerfeld's life! Later I will polish my nails with Uslu airlines-Bernard Willhelm C03.

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  1. LOve your nails! and your entire blog!!

    FOllow each other?


  2. I watched this movie year ago, and it was really disappointing. Karl Lagerfeld is such a personality, I adore him. But the movie about him is so badly executed = such a waste of Lagerfeld's potential!

    You can drop by and see my new dress I designed some time ago ;)

  3. Oo, slangenegler! Dette var rått. Og jeg er vanligvis ikke så glad i negledekor!


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