torsdag 25. august 2011

Pinky's night out

Out to celebrate my birthday yesterday with dinner and drinks. Below are the gifts I bought for myself, haha silly right? I've only done it like two times if I find something nice just before my birthday. 

Fell in love with the clutch from Gina Tricot and some accessories. Feels like I've got to have something with a pink pop on all the time!

wearing: Jacket, necklace: HM/ Blouse: Filippa K/ Skirt: A.Wang/ Shoes: Modekungen/ Clutch: Gina Tricot

6 kommentarer:

  1. Du er så fierce med rosa hår!

  2. Ahhh you look gorgeous! Love the necklace together with the blouse!

  3. Your hair color is lovely! I don't think a lot of people can pull it off but it looks great on you! X

  4. That clutch is gorgeous! Haha, I buy gifts for myself before my birthday sometimes too, makes me feel less guilty :) Happy belated birthday!


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