mandag 22. august 2011

Material Monday

If I could wish for absolutely what I wanted for my birthday wednesday, this would be it.
In love with Sehtareh Mohtarez, and not to mention the miu miu's! I'm never going to get tired of galaxy prints, or glitter for that matter!

Have a nice monday!

xoxo Despite Color

source: Sehtareh Mohtarez

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  1. grattis på forskudd fina! digger disse plagga.. åh så fint

  2. Det går årsbeste med meg, enn med deg? Nå har jeg en moteserie og style for Bymagasinet før jeg drar hjem til London. Har jo ett år igjen på skolen, og nå som jeg har fått kjæreste blir det vel hjem til Norge og Oslo for å prøve å få en awesome jobb! Hva med deg, hva gjør du nå, og skal du søke skole? :)

  3. Thank You! It's a pity it's broken, I'll try to find myself one too. I adore the whole collection of Miu Miu's accessories - nobody will ever do better glitter shoes!

    And after coming to your blog I realised You're from Bergen! I'm as an exchange student here right now:) And I was in this shop, Retro, today, because clothes looked so great from the window! :)

    And, btw my blog - I write mostly about young polish designers, if You like You can use google translate into English (probably it would be better than Norwegian, more accurate). If you'd need any help - feel free to contact me!:)

  4. Lovely post
    well done
    Check my blog:

  5. galaxy prints are a dream!!!
    Happy Birthday darling!! wish you a fab day!


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