onsdag 27. juli 2011

Out back

Had a rough week. 30.000 Bergenites came to the memorial for the Utøya and Bomb victims at the city centre tuesday, 150.000 in Oslo. I cried and I cried, the feeling of fellowship and national sorrow was really intense.

Going to try to blog again and see.

Wearing: Sweater: Vintage/ Tights: Nelly/ Shoes: JC/ Clock: Triwa

8 kommentarer:

  1. Elsker bildene snuppa :) Virkelig super heite <3

  2. Your shoes are to die for.

    be sure to check out my blog


  3. Jeg vet, det var så trist Iben. Jeg gråt så masse selv, tror hele Norge gråt faktisk! Men du ser så fantastisk ut, du er flink til å lage outfit posts. Kule sko :)

  4. these shoes are insane! i love them!!!

    PvdH -designer and illustrator



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