fredag 29. juli 2011

New in: Bracelet

I'm such a fan of the scandinavian chainstore Lindex and Glitter. I think I buy approx two pieces of jewelery there every two months. Unfortunately the quality matches the price, so they tend to get broken fast. But still, I love their jewelery.

So where are you guys heading tonight? I think I'm gonna stay outside a couple of hours, we're having our first summerday ever. Drinking some beer with some good friends by the sea, OH YES! It's been raining since the end of May, so you can imagine how grateful we are!

Have a nice weekend beautiful readers! I love you all!

wearing: Bracelet: Lindex/ Earstuds: Glitter/

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hi sweetie, long time no hear! How have you been doing? The bracelet is beautiful and I love how your blog has evolved. I've made some changes too on my blog and on me. I have short blonde hair now, come by my blog and see! Polla filia koukla!!!


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