onsdag 20. juli 2011

My hairstyling rutine

Some of you have e-mailed me and asked me how I style my hair. First I have to say that I've never taken a perm. A lot of people think I did for some reason, but I didn't. I don't use a curling iron either, it's all natural. I'm so lazy about the whole hairstyling thing that I never would have bothered with blow drying, curling or anything like that.

So...My hair is at is best when I wake up in the morning, weird right? I shower every evening and go to bed with damp hair, so when I get up in the morning it has all the volume it can get. But ofcourse my strategy for max volume sometimes fails and I look like a jerk!

When I went to get my haircut at Ramm av Ramsvik, they gave me these products from Kevin Murphy to test. The products are great, but they don't work that well if you use them separately with other products. But they give my hair great volume and texture, just the way I want it when I use all of them together. It gives you a feeling of weightlessness aswell, because it's not so heavy and greasy like the previous products I use. And ofcourse it's completely organic.

1. Styling
To help me with getting max volume I've got the body builder mousse from Kevin Murphy. I apply it to damp hair, and squeeze the mousse into the entire hair. Then when it's a bit dryer I apply some more. To get rid of the frizz and get more texture I use a "surf hair" spray called hair resort, also Kevin Murphy. It gives you a "long day at the beach" look, and smells delicious of coconuts.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner
Both shampoo (Maxi Wash) and conditioner (Born again treatment) are also from Kevin Murphy. The detox shampoo makes my hair so clean it's kinda freaky. It's also supposed to remove the yellow tones after a bleach, but I didn't notice that so much, I actually find silver shampoo better for that purpose. The conditioner is so non-greasy and light that you actually can use it as a hand cream! I was instructed by my hairdresser not to clean all of the conditioner out, because it also works as a hair mask. 2 in 1 is always a plus!

3. If YOU want curls
Treat yourself to some hair rolls. Learn how to use them here. Apply lots of volume boosting products!

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  1. I really love your hair! I wish I could do the same with mine (no chance) :-)

  2. Elsker dine Mardou & Dean shorts, og med de strømpene, Fierce!


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