fredag 8. juli 2011

The beginning of a closet

The fair beginning of a crawl in closet. Since I only have a small attic in my apartment, I can't make a walk in closet, instead I have to climb up a ladder and crawl on the floor. My boyfriend suggested I should place a large mirror sideways on the floor, so that I could see my entire outfit while laying down. haha.

Have a nice weekend!

4 kommentarer:

  1. syns forslaget hans var rimelig bra jeg! hahaha! men der sa du noe, kanskje jeg burde gjøre noe med den lille klaustrofobiske hemsen vår jeg også!

    Elsker bloggen din! ha en flott helg, søte Iben!

  2. people are always getting inventive when they have a lack of closet space!! anyway, so much in love with the boots, they are the like the best boots i have seen in a while, the metallic heels look insane! fabulous


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