tirsdag 21. juni 2011

Qua Organic


First there were traditional skin care, focusing at beauty on the outside a lot more than the inside - and on effective and cheap manufacturing. Then there were organic skin care, fighting against unhealthy and harmful chemistry. Now there is Qua Organic, a brand created in Copenhagen, starting at the Organic side of skin care, but without giving up on effectiveness, results and pure pleasure.

Qua is a luxurious range of high-performance skin care products, which combine the very finest organic and natural ingredients with the latest scientific methods to deliver healthier skin that always looks and feel beautiful. Contains no alcohol, parabens, glycoles, silicones, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colors or sulfate. Certified by Ecocert. I've used the products picture displayed above for a couple of weeks, and I am very pleased. I've considered using more eco friendly skincare before, because I have a friend who is passionately concerned with this matter.

Thanks so much to Christina at Qua for sending me these amazing products.

What do you guys think about organic skincare?

You can buy Qua Skincare at Artrebels

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  1. interesting blog!


  2. i just love your blog!



  3. i'm SO bad about skin care! is that bad? I hate lotions :P hehe
    but I LOVE your material monday post!
    having a giveaway TOMORROW on my blog! come by ! xo



  4. Måtte bare tipse deg om disse: http://www.asos.com/Kg-By-Kurt-Geiger/Kg-By-Kurt-Geiger-Claranita-Block-Heel-Court-Shoes/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1198451&cid=1931&sh=0&pge=61&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Pink%2fred. Sånn i tilfelle du bruker 38 og har lyst på nye sko etc. :P

  5. Tusen takk herlige Sara! De var kjempefine! Så dumt at det er bunnskrapt på konto:(


  6. i'm all for it. it's so hard to find natural products that actually WORK. i'll have to check this line out.

  7. Found your blog through the Nokia x ELLE thing on facebook. I love organic skincare - I use REN :)

  8. It’s good to know that there are companies that innovating organic skin care product, instead of producing products with high chemical content. People are conscious when it comes to skin care; and they make sure that the products they’re using will deeply nourish the skin, not just outside, but also inside. Thank you for sharing this organic skin care product. This would surely help people who are looking for alternative skin care treatment. -Terry Bayer


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