torsdag 30. juni 2011

Alexander Wang x Mardou and Dean

I had my last day at Retro today, and I made sure one of the Alexander Wang babies came home with me. I really like the one in brown, because I haven't seen it on anyone before. I also picked up my Mardou & Dean shorts with garters, and I love them. Unfortunately they have made a mistake and put only two garters on it, so I'm waiting for the missing two (That's why my socks are "sagging").

Wearing: Cardigan, jewellery and tee: H&;M/ Shorts: Mardou and Dean/ Bag: Alexander Wang/ Shoes: Acne

5 kommentarer:

  1. That bag is beautiful! You're so lucky you got your hands on it!

  2. God, your hair is amazing! And the lipstick you are wearing on your header too.

  3. They are brilliant, sagging or not! Seriously amazing outfit iben. Love the tones and textures. Absolute perfection

  4. I love this. You look hot.

    Great blog. Would love for us to follow each other.


  5. OMG I LOVE your outfit!!It's so fantasticly bold and you look great!!


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