fredag 13. mai 2011


Since this post was deleted by Blogspot because of some maintenance problems, I don't remember what I wrote! I remember I took a break from studying to flip through Stella Mccartneys gorgeous lookbook:) And that I was quite happy to have found the thick bracelet at Lindex Affordable luxury. I didn't think the collection would arrive until AW11. I saw the choker belonging to the bracelet too, it seems like it will be a big trend this autumn. Have a nice day lovelies! I'm going to spend it burried in organization psychology!

<3 Iben

6 kommentarer:

  1. Elska begge armbånda! Å ligne på en hund er kun GULL da! ;P men snakker du om det fra Affordable Luxury?

  2. that hand grabbing one is perfection, quite pamela love inspired. gorgeous either way!

  3. this is soooo truly great! i feel inspired.
    Hope you'll pass by and follow too.

  4. Likte spesielt godt det tynne armbåndet. Utrolig tøfft!

  5. Så bra du likte det fine Ida!


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