fredag 18. mars 2011

Fashionista in the mountains

I've had a blast the last couple of days. It's nothing like crisp mountain air, the ringing silence and lot's of snow. I realized when I was packing that I'm a true fashionista; I don't own skii pants, nor a water proof jacket, haha. Have a nice weekend lovelies.

<3 Iben

Jacket:Vintage/ Pants: Cubus/ Sweater: Acne/ Hat: Retro /Shoes: Bearpaw

11 kommentarer:

  1. ååh, for et koselig antrekk! utrolig avslappende :) og fint!

  2. killer boots!
    im doing well! just returned from Dubai! :) how are you?!


  3. The boots and hat are fantastic lovely. And you look so happy here. The mountain air must be good for you! Ohhh do i spy clubmasters? My favourite shades.
    Hope you had a wonderful time

  4. hei fina. digger antrekket. håper du ikke fröys for mye, og at du hadde det supert

  5. You look so fashionable in the snow haha, this outfit looks so comfy!

  6. Så deilig å komme seg bort!

  7. you are perfect for the snow and the mountain, perfect fashionista indeed! :)
    I'm loving the red nail detail in the first pic!
    hope you had a fab weekend, mine was very relaxing...just what I needed :) xxxx


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