onsdag 5. januar 2011

Things that made me angry this month

This is the monthly FML list. It proves the simple fact that living in Norway and ordering almost all of ones clothes from the Internet can be a real experience in serious anger management.

So let's start:

1. I lost these amazing mint vintage Justin boots 1,5 seconds before the Ebay auction closed. I was waiting for FOUR HOURS!

2. After years of searching I finally found these Raf Simmons + Dr Martens gold combat boots on Yoox. Excited as I was, I didn't realize until just before I payed them online that the collaboration was only mens shoes. BUMMER!

3. The Tory Burch fur boots with buckles. Yep, I have mentioned them before. Two hours before I recceived my salary they were sold out. IN MY SIZE ONLY!

4. This vintage gem is a suit from YSL. I forgot the auction and then threw a fit when I realized that it was over TWO SECONDS AGO!

5. This beautiful onyx ring from Toosis on Etsy, I was going to buy it, then I recceived a major electric bill and I couldn't buy it. So it was sold. BUMMER!

6. These gorgeous Paco Gil sequin boots were so nice it made me ignore that the seller only shipped to the United states. FML.

Have a nice day sweeties! <3 Iben

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  1. Off da! Det var en HEFTIG FML-liste! Du får nok flere sjanser videre i dette fantastiske året - tro meg :)

  2. Hehe, kjenner igjen følelsen i hvertfall! Jeg tapte en Acne lommebok på ebay bare på noen få sekunder. Jeg blei DEPRIMERT! Jeg liker bloggen din å, du skriver spenstig ;D Like your style tooo!

  3. Neeeei!!! Jeg føler med deg, virkelig!

  4. hei.
    uff. så kjipt det der er.. har värt med om lignende.. man kan bli skikkelig sur!
    fant denne og tenkte på deg.

  5. thank you for the lovely comment! i adore those DMs! so so cool



    The Flower Girl


  6. Haha, funny post! I like the pics :)

  7. I'm sorry my dear Iben but I laughed with this post not because I'm making fun of you but because I totally understand you! I placed an order today for 2 pairs of shoes from Office and the shipping was 15 pounds. Isn't that crazy? And whenever I find something on ebay I like they never ship to Greece? WTF? Do we live in no-man's lands?! :P

  8. Iben...glad your feeling better! I cannot even tell you how many times I have ordered something on the internet and then I get an email saying "out of stock"! Makes me so angry...like why have it on the site if you don't have anymore! Better luck next time..take care! xo

  9. oh man :( i hope you have a better time shopping soon!!:)

  10. omg thats some sick gorgeous red vintage boots...and i love the gold one too..and i know sometimes ebay sucks..u jst keeping drooling over an auction item for some days and u even bid and jst loose at the last second jst for a dollar or so..hope u find better boot like that one...

  11. Snakk om uflaks her! Loved all these clothing and accessorizes! You have great style girl! xx

    - Tran N // www.nobodygotstyle.blogspot.com

  12. amazin post here iben!

    love everythin esp th martens and the purple outfit!

    eisai kala??

    egw kala!

    kanei polu kryo edw........


  13. Love the hair black boots!! :)

    :D xxx


  14. Ooh, the Tory Burch Fur Boots with Buckles are amazing. I hope that one day you are able to find them in your size! :)

  15. Ahhh no!! BUT looking on the bright side this run of bad luck only means you'll have a run of excellent luck soon. It's the law of the universe ;)

  16. Hi Iben!! How are you feeling? Hope you're a lot better! OMG, I can totally understand what you mean! Especially about Ebay auctions, that's why I rarely buy anything from there. It tests my level of patience! Those paco boots are so beautiful! I really wish more and more sellers ship to U.S. and around the world. Take care and talk to you soon! xxooxoxoxo

  17. There has been so many times when I've waited forever for an eBay auction and fought in a last minutes for it and then lost it in the last second. And my size seems to run out quickly for almost every shoe I finally have money for. FML.

  18. oh dear I so understand you...! but anyway just got the same experience "live" in a shop last week...I still didn't get over it!


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