tirsdag 18. januar 2011

Out and about: Last couple of weeks

I've been doing a few things the past weeks. I went to see my best friend Ingrid's pole dance show, it was quite extrordinary kinda like art actually. A lot of people see poledance as a strippers act, but actually it's so graceful and beautiful. I went to a concert with Advanced language, an electronica/indie/pop band which is awesome . I also visited Ella at work, and we had a serious discussion about which occasion to wear the jewelery she is posing with. And of course I wore my beloved fur coat, everywhere. I'm sorry for the lack of different outerwear, I love the coat. Also I have to add that I'm doing a very exciting project right now, I'm going to show it to y'all later.

<3 Iben

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  1. Du kler frisyren din så godt! Og meg jo, hehe! Sikler fremdeles litt etter det smykket!

  2. Awesome photos! Pole dancing seems really hard, lots or coordination and strength! I would probably trip over the pole :)

  3. love the fur in the 1st pic, even if you were a little tired:)
    dancers are beautiful too! so BLACK SWAN! Love it!



  4. De skoene til Ingrid. SINNSYKE! Jeg skulle ønske jeg kunne lære poledance, det hadde så absolutt vært noe for meg.

    Ha en flott uke, kjære du!

  5. Wow, sounds like you had so much fun Iben!! I've never been to a pole dance before but I heard it's very fun to do! I can't wait to hear about your new project! xooxxoo

  6. The poledancing photo, looks like there are three arms! You're beautiful even when you're tired honeybuch;)


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