onsdag 5. januar 2011

Apparently I am a stylish girl too!

I've been awarded the stylish blogger award by beautiful and stylish Arietta from Greece. She's behind the faboulous blog Stripes and Scarlets. She has an adorable style that is well worth getting a lot of inspiration from. So before I pass this on to 5 other stylish bloggers, here is 5 things you didn't know about me:

1. Last november I was completely bald. I had no hair. It was the result of an attempt to color my hair ultra blond.

2. Until I was 16 years old I loved horses, I've even had my own. Weird right? At high school I was the dorky horse loving girl.

3. I've had seven different types of braces, ( the last one came of last year of high school) and
suffered massive overbite.

4. I love to clean. I love it so much that I clean when I need to relax.

5. My favourite color is turquoise, even though I don't own a single garment nor accessories that have this color.

With that I pass on the award to:

Ediot: A gorgeous and sweet Norwegian girl living in Sweden. She has the most gorgeous and inspiring blog, and I love her outfits. She always has a nice thing to say, and leaves such caring comments back.

Vint junky: Is runned by Nic from Belfast, England. Nic has one of the most inspiring styles I've ever seen. She is such an avant-garde chic, every post is something new and exiting.

Dress me in this: And of course, a blog I've been following for quite some time. It's run by Kimberley, an Australian girl which is also a student. I love every bit of her avant-garde blog. She finds the most amazing things that no one has seen before.

The beautiful and the hard: Rouli is a sweet Greek stylist that is so different from anything else I've ever seen. She dresses exactly the way she wants, and is always paying attention to everything that goes on around her.

Baubles, bangles and bead: She comes from Chicago, Illinois and has such an eclectic, bold and fashionable style. She combines a lot of vintage that she also sells in her vintage store on Etsy.

17 kommentarer:

  1. I love to clean as well! I can't believe you had no hair at all. I bet you're sooo happy now that it has grown back. :) Sorry about that.

    I'm a cleaning machine! lol. I can't stand dirt so I'm always on my toes as well.


  2. congrats on the award! thanks for following my blog :)

  3. love these pictures - they're so happy! haha don't be ashamed you liked horses.

    p.s. i love cleaning too!!! so, so much. everyone makes fun of me for it.

  4. one more thing: would you like to follow eachother?? i think that would be great.

  5. tusen takk for outfit fra deg ;) digger det, gleder meg til å se fler i 2011! ;)

    btw: re FML listen din lenger ned... jeg fant en obsidian ring på en eller annen veldig obskur ebay lignende side, men han som solgte den ville ikke selge den til meg før jeg hadde 20 reviews på siden, which meant i had to buy 20 things... needless to say i fml'd.

  6. Congrats<3 You are great:))Håper du får en fin dag også:))

  7. Skalla - omg! Haha, kult det da! Funny bilder, er det deg og kjææææresten diiin? ;D Have a nice one!

  8. Hi!
    I´ve seen today your comment in my blog about the bracelets!! You should try the stretch ones ;)
    Nice blog, I follow you!!

    Trends for the Masses (TFTM)

  9. Thank you very much lovely. I feel honoured especially as I'm up there with my wonderful blogging buddy ediot ;)
    Off to check out the rest now

  10. heheheh...hester er da ingenting!! Jer var...er...korpsnerd!! Hahah! :D Uniformen vår hadde knall gul skjorte og rød jakke...tenke hvordan det matchet med mine røde krøller..priceless, hæ? ;))

    Skikkelig kul lesning!

  11. Congrats girlie!! You deserve it. Wishing you a fab weekend. xoxo

  12. Yay! Glad this award bade its way to you! Number 1 shocked me, as well as the braces one! I had an underbite, but it seems you went through a much worse braces phase!


  13. Oh sweetie, I'm sorry I missed your post. Thank you for all the nice things you said! So, you like to clean? Well, I should invite you to my house then, because I hate doing housework, haha! I'm sorry you had to wear braces for so long (I wore them too for 3 years), but at least you have a gorgeous smile now! I love horses too but have never ridden unfortunately. xxx


  14. grattis!
    jeg har gjort sånne tagger för- og har alltid problem med å komme på ting på sparket så jeg må vente litt med det der.
    men takk ska du ha snille fine du!


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