fredag 14. januar 2011


I love androgynity. It takes my breath away when it's possible to be both feminine and masculine and to still be so beautiful. I love the flare to, I hope it's here to stay!

<3 Iben

Arizona Muse by Camilla Akrans for Vogue China February 2011 via fashiongonerogue

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  1. I love this look! the crisp white shirts are so refreshing! I've had enough or unnecessary frills etc cant wait to wear clothes like this! :)

  2. yeah I gave up waiting for it to come out at cinemas and watched it online and I agree it was really freaky! that bit where her legs sort of break is really disturbing! and im now scared of mirrors whenever im home alone :P It was still good though just not what I expected! :) did you like it?

  3. uhutrolig kult!!!

    Og tuuusen takk, skjønneste, for nominasjonen...skal nok lage en post på det :D

    Ha en herlig kveld, herlige Iben!! :D

  4. Hi Iben!! Wow, I love Arizona Muse!! She looks amazing with her hair short like that! What a great editorial! I'm thinking of trying flare jeans, but I feel like they're not going to flatter me too much. Yeah, I can understand why you think Emily's style is boring..but I do like her minimalistic style though. You're not being negative at all; you're just sharing your honest opinion :-) xoxoxooo

  5. love this!!! especially the wide legged pants! so awesome! i love the makeup too!

  6. Beautiful photos. I love androgynous style too and I adore flared pants. I want to buy a pair of flared jeans and hope to find one at a decent price! xxx

  7. lovely editorial!


  8. åh. elsker klärne- stylingen-bildene. åh så fint!
    takk for inspirasjonen

  9. I love the androgynous vibe too! i could see you in some these outfits. they're wonderful

  10. EEELSKER bilde nr. 3. MM MM MM ;)

  11. im so obsessing her name arizona muse ahh.


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