tirsdag 21. desember 2010


I have realized that I don't have that much jewellery either. That's because I tend to loose it all the time, especially earrings. So I have probably 3-4 pairs of earrings laying around in bags and drawers, because when I have to take a phone call at work I can't hear what people are saying because the earrings are to big. I have more jewellery though, but those are things that I never use because they are inherited and really valuable. How much jewellery have you got?

Necklaces from left to right: Cubus (recently bought actually), Lindex, a man in a booth in Athens making necklaces with ur greek name on it, Glitter and the rest H&M.

Earrings from top to bottom: $ and feathers Glitter, The rest of them are also from glitter, except the crown with the pearl that was a gift from my mother in law. The pink ones with rhinestones are from Cecilie Melli.

Rings from left to right: Pylones (carried by a little shop in Athens called Octopus), H&M, snake from a small shop in my hometown Zacharo in the Peleponnese, a present from my boyfriend, H&M and Vivienne Westwood fake from Ebay.

Jeg har innsett at akkurat som med sko, har jeg heller ikke så mye smykker. Det er fordi jeg mister dem hele tiden. Jeg har til enhver tid 3-4 par med øredobber liggende rundt i vesker eller skuffer, fordi jeg må ta dem av meg når jeg tar telefonen, ellers hører jeg nada. Jeg har mer smykker, men det er arvede ting og dyre ting jeg ikke tør å bruke ofte. Hvor mye smykker har du?

<3 Iben

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  1. cool post here dear!

    love most of the jewellery!

    cold here too...but fortunately not so much!

    kiss darlin!

    happy x-mas!

  2. Amazing post...Love every pice u posted...Great!!



    Don't bother to pass by...:)

  3. i love your jewelry! i have the same problem, i tend to lose mine too! gotta start having holders for them soon :)


  4. Ah, these pieces are just exquisite - j'adore jewelry!! :)

  5. cool shots!!!


    Come by the GIVEAWAY now happening at my blog xo

  6. helt enig! digger forresten headeren.

    <3 mvv

    Expedition of a Modern Viking Vixen

    p.s. i invite you to enter my giveaway :)

  7. amazing stuff!
    yes i saw the feature when they posted it :) thanks

  8. i love the tree holding up the rings.

  9. Thank you so much for all of ur sweet comments lovelies!

    Love Iben

  10. Hi Iben!! I love your collection of rings! You get Acne at the store you worked?! That's so awsome! I don't have a lot of jewelry actually; I have about 15 I think, mixed assortment of rings, necklaces and bracelets. xoxoxoxxooo

  11. I looove the camera neclace!
    dig it!

    Jeg hadde nettopp opprydning i smykker og div, det var en del, men en del øredobber som manglet sin partner ..
    dessverre. Men tenkte jeg skulle mixe og trixe litt, skaffe nye bakdeler, lime osv.

    btw. Fin blogg
    og har du farget håret?
    det var superfint!

  12. I don't have half as much awesome jewelry - this is realllllly great :))) I'm glad I came across your blog, I really like it! If you get the time, feel free to check out mine - I think you might like it! If you do, comments and followers are much appreciated :)))

  13. I love the ring picture! SO many lovely ones in there. I have way too much jewelry for my own good...it's an obsession! xo

  14. Lovin' all of your jewelry! It's all so colorful and just really really cool! Love that skull ring!!! I'm trying to wear more jewelry, lately..it makes me feel ready for the holidays!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  15. every image is beautiful
    i need more jewelery !!

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  16. hey cutie- first of all great jewels! I have the sonia rykiel brooch too, love the perspex earings and the spike bracelts so cool.
    I have to say a huge thankyou for your sweet comments- they dont go unnoticed, and are always so kind. Wishing you a fabulous Christmas.Katie.xx

  17. Thanks to all of you sweeties:) So nice of you to leave me such sweet comments!

    Ida: Tusen takk! Og nei jeg har ikke farget håret, er bare høy kontrast på bildet. haha! Så hyggelig at du stakk innom! God jul!

    Love Iben

  18. jeg har også det sölvfrynsekjedet fra lindex og neonplastkjedet fra h&M. great minds think alike ;)

  19. awesome jewelry collection! love your rings and the spike bracelet. =)
    happy holidays!

    I Am DollParts

  20. Cute banner and blog. Maybe we cn follow each other.

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your jewellery, AMAZING collection you have here hunny!!!



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