onsdag 17. november 2010

What is in the bag?

The content of my purse. I have to carry a nail file at all times. That's because I have the habit of ripping my nails off when they get a rupture. My Decleor creme is a blessing in the wintertime, it soothes dry winterskin at an instant. The Mac black pot easily changes a neutral makeup. My wallet from Acne has the perfect size for my credit cards, since i rarely carry cash with me. Bag from DKNY.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Love the contents of your bag, decidedly more glamorous than mine (lots of receipts and pens and things!). I have your handbag though :)

  2. cool post here!!!

    looooooove ur outfit below iben:))

    ola kala me to sxoleio??

    se filw:))

    kalo apogevma!!!

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  4. You have the same phone as me. Haha.

  5. The DKNY bag makes me nostalgic. I use to work for them a couple of years ago. :-)
    Love the Acne card holder!


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