mandag 22. november 2010

Mongolian fur coat

Finally I have managed to find this type of coat. I have been looking for a coat like this for ageees! I first saw it on the Rachel Zoe project. Since then I've been heartbroken because I couldn't find it anywhere. Only problem is that it is quite expensive. It costs about 500 to 1000 dollars. That's a bit too much for my student budget. I have to start saving, NOW! One of them is going to be mine. Ebay here I come!

Love Iben

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  1. jeg liker bloggen din iben! <3 julie

  2. Wow, i love this coat, super post dear!!! This blog very interesting!!!)))

  3. That coat reminds me of big bird from Seasme Street or something that Lady Gaga would prob wear. Its awesome. If only we had weather like that here so I could wear something like that.

    Thanks for your lovely comment by the way. I think it because it's not that good. My blog, that is. Haha. Anyway, I don't care if I have 42 followers. I'm happy and happy that Anthony from Project Runway is following (Seriously, he is really following me).

  4. Thank you guys! Takk dere! Og takk Julie<3

  5. this is amazin iben:))

    loooove it!

    elpizo na vris kati san ke afto se kali timi:))

    fili megalo k vroxero:))

  6. That looks so warm and cozy! You can sure take on the winter in that. hehe Ebay is definitely a good place to start, or maybe your local vintage shops?

  7. that coat is AMAZING.
    I am on the HUNT for a fur coat. wish i could have one like that. no chance!

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting at my blog, Belles&Rebelles!

    LOVE your blog! You have great style! I am your newest follower



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