mandag 22. november 2010


My friend Ingrid was so kind to lend me her fur jacket. She inherited it from her grandmother. I LOVE IT! It's so warm! I know that there has been quite a debate about fur these days. I think it's awful what they do to the animals and the way that they are treated. There is nothing worse than supporting the industry by buying a brand new fur. But I think buying a vintage fur or inherit one is okay. What do you guys think?

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  1. Love furs!!

    If you love vintage fur, please come check us out!


  2. i wouldnt buy fur new or vintage but if its a friends grandmother's or is old and already si in the family then i think thats ok cos fur looks gorgeous and as long as you are not funding the current market for it its fine :)

  3. geia sou iben!

    eisai poly wraia me th gouna!!

    love furs too but i prefer faux because of the reasons u mention..dont want animals to suffer in any way:)

    fili megalo****

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!

  5. looks pretty.

    answering question, i'm not a peta activist, but i have mixed feelings about "vintage is ok" thing... bottom line, animals were treated bad, and any coat can be justified by over-used term "vintage".


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