søndag 26. april 2015

New spring jacket

Suede jacket: HM/ Dress: HM/ Backpack: FoA

Found this beautiful jacket at the salesrack in Oslo. Sometimes H&M really makes some special things I think. I had two boxes that needed to be ticked for the perfect spring coat; 1. blue, 2. short. Voilà!

Pic by Martin Tuft Torvund

lørdag 18. april 2015

New designer crush: Novis

I really really like Novis playful shapes and prints. The colorpalette for AW15 is beautiful, and eventhough I should be checking out summer/spring garments - I'm definitely a winter fashion type of girl, who will be keeping her eyes on Novis for next season!

søndag 12. april 2015

Coral eyeliner

Eyeshadow: Inglot// Lipstick Illamasqua

Came up with this look whilst applying makeup today. It's when you have time off you get creative!

onsdag 8. april 2015

Style inspiration: UK blogger Helena from Bellsfashion

Unfortunately it's not very often you stumble across something truly unique in the blogosphere. Many bloggers tend to look a like, and often new bloggers copy established bloggers to get followers. People tend to follow what they know, and it can be tricky to get outside ones comfort zone - both as a blogger and a reader. 

I like to think of blogs the way they were originally intended to be; an objective - a non influenced diary or creative outlet. That's the feeling I got when I stumbled across Helena's blog - a fresh breath of uniqueness. 

Have a look at her amazing outfits at http://bellsfashion.blogspot.be/  

søndag 5. april 2015

My very first selfmade dress!

I've spent the past 14 days constructing this dress, and I've invested a massive amount of hours in it. It's very time consuming learning yourself to sew via YouTube! Every single time I second guessed myself I had to see whether there was a video with the correct solution. Usually the only way you'll ever learn to sew is by failing - again and again and AGAIN. Which I did so many times. I even made this dress two times in a different fabric before I made it in this fabric, which I bought in Paris. I just didn't trust myself enough to start of with the finest fabric - thank god I had that much insight!

Either way, I'm planning on sewing a lot this year - there will be more exciting garments soon!

Pics by Martin Tuft Torvund

onsdag 1. april 2015

Escada Sport x Jonathan Saunders jacket

Escada Sport x Jonathan Saunders jacket// HM skirt// Cubus knitted jumper// Minelli shoes// Cavalli è Nastri hat

My Escada jacket I got at the Woodbury Premium Outlet in NY - and I think it's had to little use! In comparison to my DVF jacket which I also bought there, it's been dusting in my closet. With spring coming and everything I thought I'd take it out for a spin again!

Pics by Karianne Drage

tirsdag 24. mars 2015

Park Avenue

Vintage coat// Vintage sweater// Carven Tulip skirt// Minelli boots

Out and about enjoying some much needed sunshine in Bergen! Pics by Karianne Drage

torsdag 19. mars 2015

Vintage Lilli Ann two-piece from Secondlove

Vintage Lilli Ann two-piece from secondLove// Vintage suitcase// Russel and Bromley moccasins

Some time ago I visited Lisa at secondLove in Bergen, and she'd put this beauty aside for me. Initially she asked whether I had a national costume (bunad) or not, because if I didn't this two piece would have been a winner - having the same colors as the norwegian flag and all. I keep getting surprised every time Lisa pulls out yet another amazing garment - I can barely set my foot in her shop without buying anything. Make sure to pop by her when you're in Bergen!

Pics by Karianne Drage

onsdag 11. mars 2015

Vintage wool dress

Vintage wool dress from Etsy// DKNY Saffilo satchel// &Other stories pumps

This amazing piece is a bargain from Etsy (where I shop almost all my clothes), with a 100% wool outer and silk inner for only 30 dollars I'm a happy girl! 

Pics by Karianne Drage

mandag 9. mars 2015

Tom Dixon Tea set

Tea set by Tom Dixon

We picked up this amazing brass tea set by Tom Dixon at TiT Art in Bergen this weekend. Amazing right? I think it's quite the right fit for the green coffee table, and I love the art deco inspired look. 

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